Dr. Musick Recognized by CAGT

On November 15th the Colorado Association for Gifted and Talented (CAGT) recognized leaders who have served the gifted and talented children of Colorado. Jefferson County's Dr. Michael Musick, Principal of Conifer High School, was recognized as CAGT's 2012 Administrator of the Year.

The nomination noted that “Dr. Musick is fully committed to improving the options available for our gifted learners at Conifer High school. Because he knows the #1 way to increase students’ college readiness is to increase the rigor of the students’ curriculum choices, Dr. Mike has implemented gifted pathways enabling students to obtain the highest levels within their identified areas of strength.”

CAGT presented its 2012 awards during the NAGC Celebration of Excellence, held on the first evening of the National Association for Gifted Children convention. This large event honors those who have served gifted children with special commitment and excellence. Congratulations to Dr. Musick for having his work recognized during this national gathering!


 pictured left to right:
Dr. Blanche Kapushion (Jeffco GT Director), Dr. Mike Musick, Ms Diana Calderia (Jeffco GT Resource Teacher for Conifer) & Mr. Dan Cohan (Jeffco Community Superintendent for Conifer).

Special thanks to Cindy Walker of ProPics Photography and Video for sharing this photo with JAGC.




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