Dr. Kapushion Recognized on SENG Honor Roll

Please join JAGC, along with the Jefferson County Board of Education, in congratulating Jeffco Public Schools' Gifted & Talented Director Dr. Blanche Kapushion for being on the SENG Honor Roll.

The Jefferson County School District Board of Education recognized the award at their meeting on August 23, 2012.

blanche seng award i-001

(Dr. Blanche Kapushion on right, standing with Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Heather Beck).

blanche seng award iv

SENG (Supporting Emotinal Needs of the Gifted) has the Honor Roll to recognize educators who have made a difference in lives of children children or adults. JAGC nominated Dr. Kapushion because she has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to supporting these students and to recognizing the diversity of gifted learners. Read the full letter of nomination here.

Congratuations, Dr. Kapushion, and thank you!




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