Why GT Parents Should Join School Accountability Committees

School Accountability Committees (SACs) were created by the Colorado General Assembly (i.e., the state legislature) to advise principals, district accountability committees, and local school boards on how best to increase achievement levels at their respective schools.  As in the case of private sector boards, the law charges SACs with following a disciplined process of assessing achievement data, identifying gaps, setting improvement targets, and recommending strategies and budgets to achieve them.  It is critical that GT parents are represented on every SAC to ensure that the needs of GT students are addressed.  JAGC can provide you with the data and support that you need to effectively play this role. The law states that “each school accountability committee shall consist of at least seven members”, including the principal, a teacher, three parents, one adult member of “an organization of parents, teachers, and students recognized by the school”, and “one person from the community”. 

Contact your school’s principal today, and tell him or her you want to join your School Accountability Committee. Note: your school's accountability committee may go by another name such as Partners in Education (PIE) but each school should have one.

A document on Colorado Public School Accountability
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