JAGC Private Facebook Group

If you are interested in joining you can send a message to "Jeffco Gifted" via Facebook.

In an attempt to maintain a level of safety for our community we are asking that all interested members submit the following information:
Name used on Facebook:

And also the following information, which will NOT be made public in the group.
School affiliated with:
As a parent or teacher?
Email address:
Phone number:
Would you like to receive JAGC’s approx. twice a month Yahoo emailing?
Anything else you’d like JAGC to know:

Once OK’d for the group, please go to the Discussion topics and read the “Welcome & Guidelines”. Thereafter, introduce yourself as you feel comfortable. Questions? email the JAGC This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jefferson County Association for Gifted Children also has a public Facebook page. You can "like" JAGC.