"One of the Best Days Ever"
by Dr. Blanche Kapushion
celebration GT Tech Challenge 2014

February 6, 2014--all day! One of things I miss most about being a school based educator is working with children and engaging in their learning. Today, for the GT team, is an exception. The kids from the GT Center schools traveled to the Education Center to present their GT Collaborative Challenge 4.0 projects that they have been working on for the past six months!

The GT Collaborative Technology 4.0 challenge focuses on students’ abilities to work collaboratively, research, analyze and synthesize a topic or issue and inform or explain their learning through advanced technology to an authentic audience. This topic or issue is created when students write their own essential guiding questions. Thorough analysis and research is completed by the team of students in order to construct the answer to their essential guiding question. It is the job of the team to demonstrate their learning to the audience by creating an original, creative and powerful technology project. The audience had the opportunity to ask any clarifying questions following the presentation of the digital product.

Each individual school selects the teams that will represent the school at the district level. Any other students who want to share have an opportunity at our GT Share Fair on April 30.

We want to thank Jeffco Board Member Jill Fellman for spending time with us today! We want to thank all the teachers, principals, teacher librarians, and especially the students for their creativity, innovation and extreme research and technology efforts! You made it the best day, EVER!

The top presentations for each grade cluster were:

1st-2nd grade: Kendrick Lakes -Bryce Davis, Alex Hernandez, and Alexander Hansen for “How Can Frogs and Animals All Get Their Needs Taken Care Of? Water Around the World”

3rd-4th grade: Hackberry Hill -Briar Ainscough, Chiara Pesce, Sophie Collister, Katherine Stahl, and Griffin McConnell for "How Does Art Affect Humans?"

5th-6th grade: Coronado - Molly Knott, Owen Petruzzi and Zoe Wurst for “Safety and Technology”

7th-8th grade: WR 5-8: 7th graders: Liam Peters, Oscar Rodriguez and Joseph Silva for “Don’t Judge Me

High school: WRHS Freshmen: Cara Leone, Ryan Vela, and Jesryn Shonk for “Influence of Music"

See the pdf (with photos) here.